1/144 E-2B Hawkeye VAW-116 Sun Kings 1976

Kit: Revell of Germany 04012 E-2C Hawkeye
Decal: Starfighter Decals 144-107 VAW116 Sun Kings 1975-1976

Here is my fourth Revell E-2 Hawkeye in the same old palm-size scale.

This time I try to backdate it to the E-2B standard:
1. Replaced the nose cut from a F-Toys S-2A Tracker.
2. Sand away several fairings that are not existed in E-2B.
3. Reshaped the air scoop on top and on the right side of the fuselage.
4. Reshaped the propellers.


Topic : 模型玩具
Genre : Hobby

1:144 F-16C Barak Israeli Air Force 117 Squadron 2003

Kit: Revell 03992 Lockheed Martin F-16C Fighting Falcon
Decal: Balkan Models F-16C Micro Falcons

DSC_0305 (Copy)
DSC_0306 (Copy)
DSC_0307 (Copy)
DSC_0308 (Copy)
DSC_0309 (Copy)
DSC_0310 (Copy)
DSC_0312 (Copy)
Weapon: AMRAAM x 2, PYTHON4 x 2 & GBU-10 Paveway II x 2.
DSC_0313 (Copy)

Topic : 模型玩具
Genre : Hobby

1:144 A-7E Corsair II VA-83 Rampagers 1977

Kit: F-toys US Navy Collection
Decal: Starfighter Decals 144-139 Navy A-7E Corsair 2 Part 1

Kung Hei Fat Choy! Today is the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Ram.
Let's celebrate the festival by the SLUF from VA-83 Rampagers that has a huge Ram marking on its tail.
DSC_0299 (Copy)
DSC_0300 (Copy)
DSC_0301 (Copy)
DSC_0302 (Copy)
Weapon: AIM-9 Sidewider Missile, Mk-82 General Purpose Bomb & AGM-45 Shrike Missile.
DSC_0303 (Copy)
By the way the VA-82 Marauders bird in the background is the 1:144 die-cast model by Century Wings.
DSC_0304 (Copy)
A-7E Corsair II, attack aircraft of VA-83

Topic : 模型玩具
Genre : Hobby

1:144 EA-6A Intruder VMAQ-2 Playboys 1976

Kit: Dragon 4544 EA-6A Wild Weasel
Decal: Kit Decals

Finally got it done, the Electric Intruder!
DSC_0287 (Copy)
I extended the nose by 2mm, replaced the cockpit by Cafe Reo's A-6A, added those ECM and antennas to represent a proper Electric Intruder.
DSC_0288 (Copy)
For weapons, I scratch builded the ALE-41 Chaff Dispenser Pods from a pair of SUU-23A Gun Pod, used fuel tanks from Cafe Reo's EA-6B and the ALQ-99 Jamming Pods from the EA-18G kit by Dragon.
DSC_0289 (Copy)
DSC_0291 (Copy)
Incidentally, The NAVY would never call themself Wild Weasel in their SEAD mission!
DSC_0290 (Copy)
DSC_0293 (Copy)
Weapon: ALQ-99 Jamming Pod x 3, AN/ALE-41 Chaff Dispenser Pod x 2
DSC_0292 (Copy)

Topic : 模型玩具
Genre : Hobby

1:144 F-102A Delta Dagger 509th FIS 1968

Kit: ARII World Famous Jet Fighter Series 11 F-102A Delta Dagger
Decal: Vector 144 Convair F-102 Delta Dagger - camouflaged

During the research phase on the C-140 build, I also realize that F-102 intercepters are always flying MIGCAP mission with the unarmed Jetstar, I then decided to build a Delta Dagger after the Jetstar is done.
DSC_0275 (Copy)
DSC_0276 (Copy)
The "deuce" from ARII is a former Ootaki moulding which is showing its age during the build, on the detail up I just put in a cockpit steal from the Cafe Reo F-5A kit, added the IR device in front of the canopy and let the rest as is.
DSC_0277 (Copy)
DSC_0278 (Copy)
DSC_0279 (Copy)
DSC_0282 (Copy)
DSC_0280 (Copy)
DSC_0281 (Copy)
Anyone have a pic of the boss bird of 509th FIS?

Topic : 模型玩具
Genre : Hobby

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