1:144 EA-6A Intruder VMAQ-2 Playboys 1976

Kit: Dragon 4544 EA-6A Wild Weasel
Decal: Kit Decals

Finally got it done, the Electric Intruder!
DSC_0287 (Copy)
I extended the nose by 2mm, replaced the cockpit by Cafe Reo's A-6A, added those ECM and antennas to represent a proper Electric Intruder.
DSC_0288 (Copy)
For weapons, I scratch builded the ALE-41 Chaff Dispenser Pods from a pair of SUU-23A Gun Pod, used fuel tanks from Cafe Reo's EA-6B and the ALQ-99 Jamming Pods from the EA-18G kit by Dragon.
DSC_0289 (Copy)
DSC_0291 (Copy)
Incidentally, The NAVY would never call themself Wild Weasel in their SEAD mission!
DSC_0290 (Copy)
DSC_0293 (Copy)
Weapon: ALQ-99 Jamming Pod x 3, AN/ALE-41 Chaff Dispenser Pod x 2
DSC_0292 (Copy)

Topic : 模型玩具
Genre : Hobby

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