1:144 EA-3B Skywarrior VQ-1 World Watchers 1974

Kit: Cafe Reo Big Bird Vol. 3
Decal: Kit Decals

I bought this item a while back and somehow managed to finish it last year, it's an excellent kit in terms of overall shade and details.
DSC_0230 (Copy)
With the latest Hasegawa 1:72 EA-3B release is not an new moulding but only provide decals to represent the fuselage windows and door, I think this one is the only plastic injeston kit of the "ELINT Whale" in the market.
DSC_0231 (Copy)
DSC_0283 (Copy)
What a waste Cafe Reo only release Skywarrior as an secret item in their Big Bird series, and sadly they seems to walk away from making new 1:144 planes too.
DSC_0233 (Copy)
DSC_0234 (Copy)
DSC_0235 (Copy)
I still have one EA-3B kit in the box and is looking forward to build another Whale soon, this time I will try to convert it to a KA-3B.
DSC_0236 (Copy)
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Topic : 模型玩具
Genre : Hobby

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